Download Game PC Recruits Alpha [Full Version]

Download Game PC Recruits Alpha [Full Version]

Download Game PC Recruits Alpha [Full Version] | Hay my friend how are you today? at this time Acep Game will share a action game. Previously i just posted an artcile is Download Game PC Grey Go [Full Version]. Recruits Alpha is game developed by Commotion Games and published by Commotion Games.

Recruits is a squad based top down shooter. Inspired by games like Cannon Fodder, Alien Swarm and Jagged Alliance Recruits puts players on the front lines of the battlefield to accomplish your missions through any means necessary. Fast paced and packed with explosions, Recruits offers a wide variety of features that allow you, and your friends to take command of the action and lead your men to victory.

Key Features:

Multiple Mission Objectives
Your men will be charging into enemy compounds to assassinate military leaders, jumping out of aircraft to save friendly soldiers, escaping torture through a maze of underground tunnels, holding off wave after wave of enemy forces while you defend captured bases, using tanks, choppers, jeeps and boats to destroy your enemies in amazing style, all while trying to keep your head from being blown off your shoulders.

Wide Range of Weapons
Dismember your enemies with machine guns, grenades, explosives, melee, flamethrowers, minigun’s, it’s everything your men need to complete your missions.

Variety of Levels
Fight battles in locations anywhere from thick jungle to civilian populated urban cities, to freezing arctic snow to scorpion infested deserts, dark and damp underground mines to the inside of a cargo plane at 15,000ft. Many war zones will be covered including destructible objects and interactive elements to immerse yourself in.

Level Up System
If your soldier dies… he’s not coming back. There is no reset button in life. Level up with ranks, starting off as a low class soldier and working your way up through to Captain and General. If you loose a battle hardened soldier, he is replaced with a fresh Recruit.

Command your Team
The context sensitive Right Click menu gives you the ability to give basic commands to your team members such as Attack, Move, Suppress, Grenade, Disarm and Regroup allowing you to tackle any situation.

Group Morale
The more you can help people in missions the more points you gain and the more effective your team is, the more traumatic events you cause or witness and your team start to feel emotionally affected, hindering your performance and risking your chances of survival.

Special Abilities and Upgrades
Gain government funding at the end of campaigns to gain money to level up and pay for special abilities and upgrades such as napalm strikes, reinforcements, accuracy upgrades, cluster bombs, chemical air sprays, weapon packs and much more.

Single Player and Co-Op/Multiplayer modes
A single-player mode puts the player straight into the action and fighting for their country. A multiplayer Co-Op mode puts you and your friends into the war together with survival mode and the ability to replay single player missions.

Screenshoot :

Download Game PC Recruits Alpha [Full Version]

Download Game PC Recruits Alpha [Full Version]

Download Game PC Recruits Alpha [Full Version]

Minimum System Requirements :

  • OS : Windows XP SP3 or Windows Vista
  • Processor : 2.0+ GHz processor
  • RAM 2 GB system RAM
  • VGA : SM3-compatible video card
  • HDD : 2 GB free hard drive space

Link Download :

Okay thanks you the post at this time from me entitled Download Game PC Recruits Alpha [Full Version]. If there a shortage sincerely apologize, and if there an advantages hopefully can be useful to us of all. Report to us if you find dead download link.
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