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Download Game PC Dead Space 2 [Full Version] | Hay my friend how are you today..? At this good morning, Acep Game will share game to all of you visitor my blog. The game that Acep Game will share today is Dead Space 2 Full Version. After previously i have already posted an article Download Game PC Dead Space 1 [Full Version]. Dead Space 2 is a Third Person Shooter game published by EA Games, which is the version to Dead Space 2 game In this game we control the game characters are the same as previous versions of Isaac Clarke, the version to 2 tells the story of Isaac Clarke against outbreaks of Necromorphs new in town sprawl which is Saturn's largest moon, Titan. This game Dead Space 2 Multiplayer can be played. So on this occasion I will share the game Dead Space 2 Full Version can we play on the computer or laptop, please download the game below.

Three years after the events of Dead Space, Isaac wakes up disoriented in the hospital in a giant space station, hospitalized in the psychiatric field. The man who was helping him to recover (Franco, who later revealed Daina’s brother) is brutally murdered and turned into a slasher right before his eyes, but Isaac manages to fight their way out. Runs a few steps when some security officers opened fire on him, before being torn to pieces by a tripod, since according to the director Tiedemann, chief of the structure, all hospitalized patients and key stakeholders must be eliminated. A little later he meets his psychologist, completely out of his mind and guilty of having killed all the doctors and all patients shortly before, that frees him from his straitjacket and give you a weapon. Wandering the halls Isaac is attacked by large groups of Necromorphs, which forced him to flee in the sections of the hospital still relatively safe.

In Dead Space 2, Isaac is to bring the terror to space. Players will have to overcome even more epic battles that will keep them and frightening with bated breath. Thanks to the sound design, graphics and action sequences at the highest level, Dead Space 2 will make the chills of deep space even more cold and terrifying.The game offers most of the features included in the first chapter, but with some new features: Many players admit to not being able to play the first title for more than an hour because of too much tension and fear, so it was decided to reduce the times when the Necromorphs pop up suddenly in favor of a rhythm more narrative and therefore more sustainable by the players. There is a new set of weapons, powers and upgrades that Isaac has the ability to access, such as a gun that fires large nails (Javelin Gun) able to hang on the walls and enemies at a later time, with the elettrificarli secondary fire.

As in the first chapter the most effective method to kill the Necromorphs is to hit them in the limbs and then smembrarli. In this sequel, the limbs after being removed can be used as rudimentary weapons through telekinesis. Unlike the previous chapter, Dead Space 2, in addition to the single player mode offers a multiplayer mode that allows you to deal with other players online in special challenges. On 11 September 2010 was released the first demo video on the multiplayer mode. There are sections where Isaac shows his face without a helmet and converses with other characters. This new installment in the PC version has a system of checks revised and improved compared to the previous chapter.

Screenshoot Game Dead Space 2 [Full Version] :

Minimum System Requirements :
Operating System : Windows XP (SP2), Windows Vista, Windows 7
Processor : Pentium 4 2.8 GHz or better, AMD Athlon64 3000+ or better, any Athlon64 X2 or Core Duo processor
RAM : 1 GB (XP), 2 GB (Vista or Win7) or more
Disk Space : 10 GB free
Video Card : 256 MB Video Card and Shader Model 3.0 required. NVIDIA GeForce 6800 or better ATI X1600 Pro or better
Sound Card : Yes
Direct X : The latest version of DirectX 9.0c
Recommended Peripheral : Keyboard & Mouse
Link Download :

Okay thanks you the post at this time from me entitled Download Game PC Dead Space 2 [Full Version]. If there a shortage sincerely apologize, and if there an advantages hopefully can be useful to us of all. Report to us if you find dead download link.
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