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Download Game PC Medal Of Honor : Pacific Assault [Full Version] | Acep Game

Download Game PC Medal Of Honor : Pacific Assault [Full Version] | Hay my friend how are you today..? At this time Acep Game will share game to all of you lovely visitor this blog. The game that i will share today is Medal Of Honor : Pacific Assault. After previously i have already posted an article Download Game PC Call Of Duty 3 [Full Version]. Medal Of Honor : Pacific Assault is a first-person shooter and The game was developed by EA LA and published by EA Games for the PC. It is primarily a first-person shooter, with the exception of one level in which the player flies an SBD Dauntless in the middle of a dog fight. The engine of the game is a modified Lithtech Jupiter, and Havok physics engine. The music was composed by Christopher Lennertz.

Set in the Pacific Theatre of WWII, Medal of Honor Pacific Assault for the PC represents a unique addition to the award-winning Medal of Honor franchise. Players step into the boots of Marine Private Tom Conlin and feel his shock at the destruction of the American fleet at Pearl Harbor, his growing resolve in the fight for Henderson Field on Guadalcanal, and his triumph at the battle for Tarawa Island. Medal of Honor Pacific Assault combines seven expansive single-player missions covering 25 levels with over nine new multiplayer maps and includes new locations, new weapons, and new soldiers. Multiplayer modes let the player to go head-to-head in Free-for-All or join a team to complete objectives and destroy an opposing team in Objective-based and Team Deathmatch modes.

It is features at game Medal of Honor For PC : Seven expansive single-player missions spanning 25 levels ranging from the attack on Pearl Harbor to the battle for Tarawa Island. Over nine new multiplayer levels including the Battle for Henderson Field and the rescue of American P.O.Ws. Improved multiplayer battles including, Team Deathmatch Mode, Team Objective Mode and Free for All Mode. Access to over 21 historically accurate World War II era weapons, including M1 Carbines, Japanese Arisaka rifles, and the Type 100 submachine gun. New vehicles including M4 Flamethrower Tanks and PT boats. Call in artillery and air strikes against the enemy to save your squad from certain defeat. New soldier models, skins, and voices including Japanese, Australian and British troops. Sound effects by the award-winning Medal of Honor sound design team at EALA.

Screenshoot Game Medal Of Honor : Pacific Assault [Full Version] :

Minimum System Requirements :
OS : Win XP, Vista, Win 7
Processor : Pentium 4 @ 1.5 GHz or Equivalent
Memory : 512 MB
Hard Drive : 3 GB Free (4.5 for Directors Edition)
Video Memory : 64 MB
Sound Card : DirectX Compatible
Recommended peripheral : Keyboard & Mouse
Link Download :

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